Ordinary Object #7
Plastic Straw

A straw is a small pipe that allows its user to more conveniently consume a beverage. A thin tube of plastic (such as polypropylene and polystyrene), or other material is used by placing one end in the mouth and the other in the beverage. A combination of muscular action of the tongue and cheeks reduces air pressure in the mouth and above the liquid in the straw, whereupon atmospheric pressure forces the beverage through the straw. Straws can be straight or have an angle-adjustable bellows segment. Plastic straws account for a significant amount of unrecycled plastic waste and contribute to plastic pollution in the ocean


Thomas Albdorf, Mauricio Alejo, David Avazzadeh, JP Bonino, Olaf Breuning, Boris Camaca, Bridget Collins, Parker Day, Elmer Driessen, Daniel Gordon, Allyssa Heuze, Fumiko Imano, Clifford Jago, Thomas Nondh Jansen, Dexter Lander, Camille Lévêque, Lucy Alex Mac, Ivo Mayr, Joanna McClure, Izumi Miyazaki, Viktor Naumovski, Philotheus Nisch, Giuseppe Palmisano, Alp Peker, Marton Perlaki, Antje Peters, Josh Redman, Suzanne Saroff, Octavi Serra, Anton Shebetko, Lorenzo Vitturi, Qiu Yang

80 pages
40  photographs
Extra: Straw

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